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Coping With Trauma
Dr Yvonne Waft, Author

My first book Coping with Trauma will be published on 12th December 2023 by Sequoia Books in association with the Association of Clinical Psychologists.


Trauma is everywhere, from relatively simple car accidents all the way through to childhood neglect and abuse, or devastating combat experiences.  These events have specific emotional and behavioural effects on a person.

Accessing good quality professional support with the aftereffects of trauma can be a lottery and people are often left wondering what on earth is happening to their mind.  Statutory services can be underfunded and have long waiting lists. Private services can be very costly, outside of many people’s budgets.  So where can you get good quality, evidence-based advice to help yourself?

This self-help book is the first of its kind: written by a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist, who has experienced significant trauma in her own life.  Drawing on a range of therapeutic approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) among others, this book helps you to understand what is happening to you in the aftermath of trauma and how to cope with these impacts. The approaches used in this book enable you to respond differently to the painful thoughts and feelings you have, and to recognise when your natural responses may be preventing you from moving forward towards the life you want to live. You will gain an understanding of how trauma works, enabling you to respond to yourself more compassionately, and you will learn tried and tested skills to cope well, moving from mere surviving, to thriving.


Dr Michael C Paterson OBE Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"I like this book so much because it explains in understandable language what trauma actually is, and gives tried and tested strategies to cope. Yvonne's book quite rightly sees trauma ranging from the small emotionally uncomfortable experiences that are drip-fed to so many of us growing up, to the big life-altering events which continue to impact us years later. For someone suffering the results of psychological trauma, Yvonne gives you strategies which work to help you manage and cope with life as it is for you now. These strategies will be particularly helpful if you haven't yet engaged in psychological therapy with a skilled professional, or you are on a long list awaiting a first appointment with services."

Dr Susan van Genderen Consultant Clinical Psychologist Director of Therapies

"The author has written a raw and honest account of their own trauma experiences and how these have impacted not just at the time, but on their life journey and how they current deal with life.  This is the first time I have seen such a clear account of how an author’s trauma has then been described from the perspective of them as a psychologist, to help us understand the impact. The impact is described in both psychological terms, but also how it effects the bodily reactions, physiology, neurological development.
It was a privilege to read such an honest account."

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