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Clinical supervision is vital to the wellbeing and development of all mental health practitioners. As an experienced Clinical Psychologist, I am trained in delivering supervision to a high level.


I have a busy supervision practice using modern technology to carry out supervision online via Zoom which is a time efficient way for busy private practitioners to access much needed supervision without leaving their clinic.

As a committed EMDR enthusiast, I have achieved accreditation as an EMDR Consultant, meaning that I can supervise EMDR trainees through the process of becoming accredited practitioners, consultants and beyond.


Supervision sessions are one hour long and are usually carried out remotely over Zoom.

I offer group supervision for people training in EMDR to achieve accreditation. Groups are 2 hours monthly, maximum 6 people per group £70 per person per session.

I offer supervision as an external Consultant to individuals and groups within the NHS. Rates and details on request.


My fee for supervision is £130 per session. Sessions can be as frequent as needed and can be booked on an ad hoc basis as and when required. Half hour sessions can also be scheduled.


In case of an urgent supervision issue coming up regular supervisees can phone me for an urgent discussion and, if I cannot answer immediately, I will do my best to call back as soon as possible for a 15 -30-minute chat, usually the same day. This would be charged pro rata at my usual hourly rate.


Clinical Supervision provides a safe space for the busy mental health professional to process the personal impact of their work as well as to explore different perspectives on individual cases they are working with. When you are in that moment with the therapy client it can be very difficult to see the dynamics at play. Supervision, done well, will help to give that different viewpoint and clarify what is happening in those stuck points. Supervision is also vital in offering a place to discuss and plan what action to take when clients may present a risk to themselves or others.


On a more practical level, supervision is a place to think about all aspects of running a private practice, maintaining a work-life balance, and dealing with the unexpected realities of life impacting on work. Without the management structure that we all had in the NHS to guide us, it can be difficult to set boundaries around work and to know how to make a business work and supervision can help to fill that gap. I have been supervising both qualified and trainee Clinical Psychologists for about 15 years now. I have had some truly amazing supervisors over my career and aspire to emulate the best of them in the supervision I deliver.

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