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Welcome to Catalyst Clinical Psychology

"Clinical psychology aims to reduce psychological distress and to enhance the promotion of psychological well-being.”


British Psychological Society –

Clinical Psychologists achieve this through research, teaching and training, supervising mental health professionals, delivering evidence-based therapies, and providing expert psychological assessment and opinion in legal cases.


Here at Catalyst Clinical Psychology, I deliver Psychological Therapy, Clinical Supervision, Expert Witness Services in Civil Law cases and teaching/training on Trauma and Mental Health.


Having studied Psychology at the University of East London in the mid-1990s as a mature student, I went on to work in the mental health field for several years before qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist in 2006 at the University of Leeds. As a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, I worked in the NHS in Wakefield and Sheffield with adults and older adults, mainly focusing on assessment of, and therapy for, trauma and complex trauma.


I began my private Clinical Psychology practice in Wakefield in 2013, whilst still working as a Clinical Psychologist in the secondary care NHS mental health service, also in Wakefield. Since early 2016, I have been full-time in private practice, delivering evidence-based psychological therapy to adults of all ages, working with them to resolve mental health conditions, often caused by trauma and adverse experiences in early life.

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, I have largely been working online from home. I do however, have a suitable office space for face to face sessions if needed at my home address.


- I am a member of the Association of Clinical Psychologists UK (ACPUK)


- I am registered as a Practitioner Psychologist by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)


- I am an Accredited Consultant in EMDR


In addition to meeting all the professional standards required of me by my professional governing bodies, I hold full Professional Indemnity Insurance, current enhanced DBS and adhere to current data protection regulations.


My specialist area of Clinical Psychology is the assessment and treatment of mental health conditions resulting from longstanding and complex trauma, using a range of evidence-based psychological therapy models.


Having experienced significant trauma in my own life, becoming disabled as a teenager from meningitis, I do feel particularly drawn to this area of work as a Clinical Psychologist.


Trauma therapy has helped me to recover and to get where I am today. I found EMDR therapy especially powerful in overcoming my own trauma history, and am highly committed to, and passionate about, bringing this tremendously healing therapy to others who have experienced trauma.



Throughout my own journey I have been especially influenced by the works of Irvine Yalom, an American psychotherapist and living legend in the therapy world; Jon Kabat-Zinn, an American medical doctor who has written extensively on Mindfulness and it’s benefits in the modern, western world; and Thich Nhat Hahn, a Vietnamese, Buddhist monk who has written extensively on Mindfulness from a Buddhist perspective.


I also draw heavily on the work of Russ Harris, an ACT therapist and prolific writer on all things ACT based.


Along my own journey, I have found sport and physical activity to be immensely healing.


I have played wheelchair basketball at international (Paralympic) level, and now, retired from playing, I coach the next generation of young players, whilst keeping up my fitness through swimming and a newfound love of handcycling.


I frequently use my sports knowledge and experience in therapy with young athletes from a range of sports.


As a disabled person myself, I also have a special interest in working with disabled people who may be struggling with some aspect of disability, such as adjusting to a new disability, dealing with prejudice and discrimination, or trying to manage disability in the workplace.


I have researched disability issues alongside, and as part of, my Psychology studies over many years and teach on disability equality issues regularly.


I draw on my own experience of disability and my own research on disability, as well as using evidence-based therapies to help in this process.

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