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Coping with Trauma

By Dr Yvonne Waft 28th November 2023

Here is a very brief foretaste of what is to come in this groundbreaking new book, launching 12th December 2023. Written from the perspective of a Clinical Psychologist with first hand experience of trauma, Dr Waft takes a deep dive into current psychological understanding of what happens when we face overwhelming events and what we can do to help ourselves heal and move forward. Having experienced a difficult childhood, with inadequate and, at times, abusive parenting, Dr Waft then went on to experience an horrific medical trauma in her late teens leaving her physically disabled.

As Dr Waft adjusted to her new life as a disabled young woman, she employed a range of coping strategies to rebuild her life. Now, almost 4 decades later, she reflects on that journey and what she has learnt, both personally and professionally.

Understanding the impact traumatic experiences have on our mind and body is crucial to being able to live well in the aftermath. Having studied Psychology to Doctorate level and gone on to specialise in working with people who have experienced traumatic events, Dr Waft explains in easily understandable language why we may act and feel the way we do and what we can learn to do differently that may help as we navigate our path in life beyond trauma.

Dr Waft draws on a wide range of psychological theory and therapeutic models to highlight some of the strategies that have been most helpful, both to her, and to the people she has worked with. Drawing particularly on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dr Waft explains ways that you might:-

  • Learn to live more in the present - use psychological techniques to let go of unhelpful rumination on the past or the future, and live in the moment as much as possible.

  • Open up to your experiences - make room for all of your feelings and learn to express them in healthy ways, even the ones you do not like such as anger, guilt and shame.

  • Find connection - follow your interests and find people, activities and places that make life worth living again.

  • Make meaning - many people not only survive, but they thrive in the aftermath of trauma, by finding ways to use their experiences to help others, to educate, to raise awareness.

Dr Waft does not claim to have the perfect recipe for surviving and thriving, but hopes that her book will go some way to helping others on their journey after trauma. She also hopes it will be helpful to people working in healthcare and education to understand why their well intended interventions may not be working as well as they had hoped, to understand the mechanisms at work in the mind and body, and to have some simple skills to teach people to manage better in the wake of traumatic events.

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