Expert Witness

I offer expert witness services to the legal profession in the field of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence.

I also complete reports for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). My area of expertise is the psychological impact of trauma and clinical negligence in adults.

I have reported on hundreds of cases as a single joint expert in road accident, accident at work, and slips/trips and falls cases since 2013.

I have been instructed mainly by claimants’ solicitors in dozens of accident cases, and in a handful of clinical negligence cases since 2013.

I have completed the Cardiff University Bond Solon Certificate for experts in Civil Law.


Please contact me for my Terms and Conditions and an up to date copy of my CV.

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I cover an area of approximately 2 hours’ drive from Wakefield in West Yorkshire, taking in most of the Midlands, the North West and the North East of England. Ideally the claimant will travel to my office for an assessment appointment, but by arrangement I can see people more locally to where they live. As a wheelchair user, I do not offer home visits for assessment as that is rarely practical, however, I am able to travel and would usually book an accessible meeting room close to the person’s home address if they could not travel to me.

I am also available for court attendances as part of the role. In recent times, with the Coronavirus pandemic, the use of remote communications for assessment and even court attendance has been invaluable and I hope that from an accessibility perspective this alternative way of conducting legal matters will continue. Where remote assessment is deemed appropriate, I can cover a much wider patch including all of England and Wales. At the present time, whilst the Coronavirus is still with us, all my assessments are carried out remotely. If remote assessment is not deemed acceptable then the assessment will need to wait until it is considered safe to arrange an in-person meeting.